Thursday, January 21, 2010

JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves Keep Hope Alive for Cloverfield Sequel

In two separate interviews, MTV has tried to get to the bottom of the possibility of a Cloverfield sequel. True to form, neither J.J. Abrams nor Matt Reeves will commit to anything. But here we are over two years later, and they still are not dismissing the idea either. They are keeping with the same story since the movie was released, namely, "we have a few ideas we're kicking around".

Would you still like to see a sequel? Or how about a prequel?

MTV: J.J. Abrams Offers 'Cloverfield' Sequel Update, Ponders Having The 'Star Trek' Sequel 'Go Gorn'

MTV: 'Let Me In' Is 'Darker' Than 'Twilight,' Director Matt Reeves Says

* Thanks to St├ęphane and Conor for the updates!


Kevin said...

i am so glad that they are still thinking of doing cloverfield 2.i say a prequel so that way they can cover all the viral marketing info that they did for the movie before it came out.

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Hal said...

And now, it's time for ...

Something Completely Different

Viral marketing takes a "turn."

damiangarcia92 said...

I would love to see a prequel or sequel. Either one would be great. But I hate the torture over whether or not there'll be one! Too stressful ha ha.

NS said...

I don't want a sequel/prequel.

I think the story is good where it is.

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john a. bailo said...

I just finished watching Cloverfield 3 minutes ago. A great film. Star Trek (2009) was horrible. But Cloverfield was great! (Why is it called Cloverfield?) The style could be amply used again.

simpdawg said...

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Zero82992 said...

Yo, is 500rads a viral for Cloverfield 2? Someone help me out.

Dennis said...


Hyo said...

It seems that many are in denial...maybe that is best.